Posture Tube™


Product Description

Are you or your players struggling with?

  • Staying square during pass sets
  • Flaring elbows on contact 
  • Playing too high 
  • Anchoring on bull-rush 
  • The “push/pull” from defenders 
  • Giving up too much ground 
  • Passing line games off

If any of these apply to you, this is the tool you need! 





Developing your pass protection skill just went to a new level. The Pass Protection Posture Tube™ is the only tool on the market designed to build pass blocking skills from the center of the body. This design forces the player to engage the musculature of the upper body, while learning how to properly center their bodies over the mid-foot. This tool will allow you to build the necessary skills held by high level pass blockers without the contact element of football. You can get better, while staying safe.


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Gewicht 1.2 kg
Größe 31 × 23 × 10 cm


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